Day 3—Sealing in the good

Day 3 complete. I washed doors, surfaces, and entry wall with Murphy’s oil soap, then I infused clean water with 5 thieves oil to seal all doors and entry ways with good energy. The use of the 5 thieves oil did double duty as a powerful disinfectant as well, being this is that time of year that is important. I’m looking forward to day 4!


Day 2–clearing spaces

Day 2–Did Braucheri Ritual, Sea of Potential Affirmation, Cleaned all my wood floors with white vinegar, vacuumed living room, then took my handmade gourd rattle throughout the rooms to banish negative energy and lastly took my Blue Moon infused water and white candle to bless each room—At first I thought of this  as a chore because it’s usually hard for me to accomplish this much in one day….BUT! I decided to start out with a different attitude and that made all the difference! Looking forward to tommrow.

Aho!, Blessed Be, Amen.

Making Room for Sacred Spaces

Day 1 of the 2012 Great Release Project.

Gathered supplies, chose my Guardian/s Mary and Hawk, refreshed altar, gathered things and donated to the Salvation Army, printed out the daily chant.

I am pleased to have had this opportunity present itself. I’ve already been doing some work with journaling  and releasing for a class project. Just as we are encouraged to share with others in the project, we are presenting our experiences with our journaling and the giving up of something for the duration of the fellow classmates. I look forward to the discovery!